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About us



What are your typical hours of operation?

    Our typical work day is 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or until the job is complete.


What if my company has a derailment?  How quickly can you be prepared to get us back up and running?

    Though our typical work week is Monday through Friday during daylight hours, we are prepared to mobilize in order to quickly respond to emergency calls when needed.


Does your company work during shut-downs and holidays?

    We do recognize most national holidays and do not regularly schedule overtime work at night or on weekends. There are occasions upon request that weekend and after-hour work shifts can be accommodated in order to keep customers from experiencing downtime or in emergency response. Every effort is made to work around customers’ ongoing procedures to allow for switching times or for loading and unloading railcars.


Do you perform railroad services outside of the state of Alabama?

  We are licensed as a General Contractor in the state of Alabama only. Generally, our crews work within a 100-mile radius of Birmingham, Ala.

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